Become a Member

You do not need to be a member of SOAR to participate in our activities, but SOAR members receive special benefits throughout the year! This includes reduced rates for activities, classes, and Special Olympics sports, priority notification when we receive complimentary tickets to events, and an opportunity to apply for SOAR Cash!

For more information, contact Member Support Specialist Hannah at [email protected] or (920) 731-9831 x100.


How to Become a Member

Membership is effective for each calendar year and needs to be renewed annually. You can join SOAR Fox Cities at any time during the year.

An individual membership is $25, and a family membership is $65! Fees can be paid in person or online.

If you are only renewing membership, please fill out the 2024 Membership Form and 2024 Participant Information Form. If you are a becoming a SOAR Member for the first time, please fill out the 2024 Membership Form, 2024 Participant Information Form, and the SOAR Handbook.

Please fill out the printable or online form below and submit with payment to renew or begin membership!


2024 Participant Information Form (required each year membership is desired)

2024 Membership Form (required each year membership is desired)

Participant Handbook – Your signature is needed before participating in our programs. (required one time, EVER!)

Online Payment Instructions

To pay $25 for an individual yearly membership, or $65 for a yearly family membership, click on “Pay for Activities” in the top right corner of the website. In the description, type “who” and “what” you are paying for. In the “price per item”, type “25.00” or “65.00” depending on what kind of membership you are paying for. Then fill in your card information.

Example an individual membership payment:

description: John Doe 2024 Membership
price per item: 25.00

Example of a family membership payment:

description: John Doe, Mary Doe, and Jane Doe 2024 Family Membership
price per item: 65.00

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