Special Olympics

SOAR Fox Cities is the 3rd largest Special Olympics agency in the state. Special Olympics is dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through sports training and competition.

The purpose of SOAR Fox Cities Special Olympics program is to offer our participant athletes a safe and fun environment to grow in self-confidence, keep a steady social life, and practice healthy living by being active. Special Olympics competitive sports seasons run from September through August.

Each agency is financially independent and responsible for supporting all the expenses accumulated throughout the year. For each sport we require the athletes to pay a fee determined by the expenses of that sport.

SOAR Fox Cities currently offers the following sports:

Bowling– The bowling season runs from September through Early December.  Men and women can participate in this sport.


Team Basketball– Each traditional basketball team may have up to 10 athletes, and the season usually runs from early December to early April. Basketball teams are grouped in divisions based on an athlete’s ability level. Men and women can participate in this sport.

Basketball Skills – A non-competitive skills option for the athlete not ready or not interested in playing team basketball.

Power Lifting– Practices start in January and run through early June. Power Lifting includes three basic lifts: the squat, the bench press and the dead lift. Participating in Power Lifting improves an athlete’s overall physical fitness while giving them the experience of being on a team. Men and women can participate in this sport.

Aquatics– Practices start in February and run through early June. Men and women can participate in this sport.

Track & Field– Practices start in April and run through early June. Men and women can participate in this sport.

Softball– Practices start in late June and run through early August. This is a co-ed team and athletes must be able to hit a pitched ball and have a good understanding of the game rules and strategies. Players compete in slow pitch with two teams with up to 15 players per team. Men and women can participate in this sport.

Tee-Ball– Practices start in June and run through early August. This is a coed team where athletes hit off a “tee” and learn the game rules and strategies. This is a non-competitive skills training option.

Bocce– Practices start in May and run through early August. Men and women can participate in this sport.

Each sport has a participation fee, see below for details. Also, by becoming a MEMBER of SOAR Fox Cities, click here, athletes pay the reduced member rate.




2021 Bowling $90.00 $110.00
2021 Basketball $60.00 $80.00
2022 Power Lifting Call for details
2021 Aquatics $50.00 $70.00
2021 Track & Field $50.00 $70.00
2021 Softball $50.00 $70.00
2021 Tee-Ball $50.00 $70.00
2021 Bocce $50.00 $70.00


Athletes’ fees must be paid for the sport in which they are participating (this includes state fees if applicable) before they can register for another sport. Example: If an athlete is participating in bowling and intends to play basketball, he/she must have bowling fees paid before registering for basketball.

Athletes are not required to compete in district and/or state tournaments. He/she may choose to participate in practices only. If an athlete does plan to compete in district and/or state, any fees assessed by the state office and SOAR Fox Cities will be the responsibility of the athlete.

The required Registration and Medical Update forms can be found on the Special Olympics website and the links below. Medical updates are required on a three-year cycle but can be updated every year after an athlete’s annual physical.

Please contact, Special Olympic Program Coordinator, Lisa Volkman at 920-731-9831 x 109 with any questions, concerns or to CHECK WHEN YOUR MEDICAL UPDATES EXPIRES.

Special Olympics Wisconsin Forms:

Coach’s Corner:

Coaches, if your team is in need of new equipment or uniform, please fill out the Special Olympics Expenditure Request Form. All requests will be pending approval by SOAR’s Special Olympic Program Coordinator and Executive Director. Any purchases made without prior approval cannot be reimbursed. Thank you!

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