Register and Pay for Activities

We are happy to see you are ready to register for a SOAR activity, program or event! If you are new to our programs, please consider becoming a member of SOAR Fox Cities. You get many membership benefits, including discounts on activities, priority registration for special event tickets, and eligibility for financial assistance through our SOAR Cash program. SOAR memberships need to be renewed annually. To become a new SOAR member, or to renew your 2024 SOAR Membership click here.

All participants must sign our participant handbook before participating. Sign Participant Handbook Here

To give permission for your name to be included in AmeriCorps attendance records, click here.

To Register for Activities Click Here!

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you!

*To request a Camp Onaway Application, contact LeeAnn.

Please Note:

If there are multiple sessions for the same activity on one day, only choose ONE to register for. This includes “Lunch & Movie” and “Dinner & Movie” type activities offered on the same day. With our limited capacity, we are trying to offer more of our popular activities so more of our members are able to enjoy them! 

Feel free to contact the office for any questions about registering for activities and payment! 


Other Ways to Register and Pay for Activities

  • Fill out the registration form that comes in the SOAR Member Newsletter each month and mail it in with your payment.
  • You may also walk-in, email, fax, or call in to let us know what activity you would you like to sign up for and to make payment. We accept cash, check, credit/debit cards, and third party payments.

Financial Assistance is available via the SOAR Cash Program

To see if you qualify, stop in the SOAR office or call (920) 731-9831 for a SOAR Cash Application. Forms are available on site, via email, or US mail. Complete the application, and return it to us for review. If accepted, you will pay $25 to receive $100 in SOARcash or $15 to receive $50 in SOAR Cash. A maximum of $100 SOAR cash can be applied for at this time.
*We ask that only individuals who truly need the help right now apply. We hope that this will help people stay more active, use this opportunity to try a new program, or join an activity that they have missed due to lack of funds!

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