Become a SOAR GEM (Giving Every Month-er) to invest in inclusion and opportunities for people with differing abilities every month!

Why does monthly giving matter?

  • The sustaining support of our SOAR GEMs helps us invest in specific areas, expand programs, and plan for the future.
  • By giving monthly, our GEMs invest what makes sense for them and their budget, and their impact accumulates to empower more people with differing abilities!
  • Through a monthly investment, donors join the GEM community with others who understand the importance of creating opportunities for people with differing abilities.
  • SOAR GEMs enjoy exclusive biannual updates, activity pictures, and gifts!

Your monthly investment support’s McKahl’s monthly involvement!

McKahl has been attending SOAR activities for three years, and loves being involved because of all of the friends she makes! She started participating with SOAR in our TnT Program for teens and young adults, but now is active in Adult Education, Social, Recreation, and Respite , and Family Programs as well! Her favorite program is TnT because she gets to connect with peers with and without disabilities, which is “really fun!”. This year she’s looking forward to learning more healthy recipes at our cooking classes, and “finally getting to go to a SOAR dance with friends”!

An investment of $10/month can provide the venue for a SOAR dance, making McKahl’s dreams a reality!

Thank you for your sustaining support of SOAR!

Ashley Gustafson, Director of Community Engagement

(920) 731-9831 x114

[email protected]

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