Special Olympics Volunteer Opportunities

SOAR Fox Cities is the 3rd largest Special Olympics agency in the state! Special Olympics is dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities to become physically fit, productive, and respected members of society through sports training and competition.

SOAR’s Special Olympics Program relies on the help of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers are needed for coaching, supporting athletes at practices, games, and tournaments as well as timing/record keeping.

SOAR currently offers the following sports:  

    • Bowling– The bowling season runs from September through Early December. 

    • Team Basketball– Each traditional basketball team may have up to 10 athletes, and the season runs from early December to early April. Basketball teams are grouped in divisions based on an athlete’s ability level.

    • Basketball Skills – A non-competitive skills option for the athlete not ready or not interested in playing team basketball.       

    • Aquatics– Practices start in February and run through early June.

    • Track & Field– Practices start in April and run through early June.

    • Softball– Practices start in late June and run through early August. This is a co-ed team and athletes must be able to hit a pitched ball and have a good understanding of the game rules and strategies. Players compete in slow pitch with two teams with up to 15 players per team.

    • Tee-Ball– Practices start in June and run through early August. This is a coed team where athletes hit off a “tee” and learn the game rules and strategies. This is a non-competitive skills training option.

    • Bocce– Practices start in May and run through early August.


Please note that the minimum age to act as a coach for Special Olympics of Wisconsin is 16.

Get Started! Click here for steps to become a SOAR Special Olympics Volunteer. For questions, you can also contact Jen Kalishek or our Volunteer Coordinator at 920-731-9831.

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