Thank you to the Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region for their generous $10,000 grant in support of SOAR Fox Cities’ Health Education and Violence Prevention of Women with Disabilities Series!

Violence against women with disabilities is a hidden epidemic, and our community unfortunately is not immune. We at SOAR are working hard to end this unacceptable reality with a twofold program empowering both women with disabilities and the wider community with education, resources, and support.

The first facet of this program is a Women’s Education series for teenage and adult women with disabilities that help them become better self-advocates as they grow to understand their rights and recognize signs of abuse. In addition to educating women with disabilities on how to protect and advocate for themselves, we offer Community Education presentations both for the community at large and for specific groups most likely to interact with survivors. These presentations bring awareness to the increased vulnerability of women with disabilities to violence, abuse, and assault, improve the response to women with disabilities who report, and help create allies in the community that can recognize signs of abuse.

We are so grateful for the continued support of the Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region for this program and women with disabilities in our community. Together we are creating change and ending violence against women with disabilities!

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