Hustle for that muscle


This summer SOAR participants worked hard and played hard with special programs for healthy living and active lifestyles.

This year we have been focusing on expanding fitness opportunities for our participants, and this summer was no exception! Our special activities included Six Parks in Six Weeks, a walking program around the community, Strong Bodies, a strength, flexibility, and balance class with Appleton Park and Rec, Y Fitness, an educational workout class at the YMCA teaching participants workout techniques and about the fitness equipment, Keeping it Cool, a fun, active afternoon of water based activities such as water balloon baseball, S’more Summer Fun, a fun night of outdoor games and foil pack dinners with family and friends, and Riverside Garden Volunteering, where participants weeded gardens, raked debris, helped with planting, and more around the gardens.

We are so proud of all of our participants who (literally) went the extra mile this summer with us. We had so much fun and can’t wait to keep getting stronger together!



“Congrats to the participants who all have really been challenging themselves. They strive to go further, faster, or longer than ever before. They are not afraid to sweat and push their bodies; and, they smile, laugh, and encourage each other all the way”
-Tammy Wittman, WOTFV Americorps Wellness Coordinator


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